Visit World Heritage listed Fraser Island (K’Gari) with Pippies on the ultimate Australian beach 4×4 driving and camping adventure. Experience 4×4 driving yourself in one of our tag-along vehicles whilst visiting the most amazing freshwater lakes and ancient rainforests. Bathe in the Champagne Pools and view incredible marine wildlife from atop Indian Head. View the Maheno shipwreck stranded along 75mile beach set against the incredible coloured sands then grab a inflatable tube and float down the famous Eli Creek. Be sure to look out for the wild dingo’s while driving along the beach.


Day 1

Leave Pippies Beachhouse 7am sharp

Drive in awe up the first portion of 75 mile beach to Eurong where we head inland towards Lake McKenzie

Arrive at Lake McKenzie and take a dip in these incredibly pure, clear waters. Words do not do this amazing lake any justice.

Drive to Central Station where we eat lunch, walk along the waters of the very special Wanggoolba Creek and learn Fraser Island’s history in a time before this beautiful island was protected. We then leave for a drive back to 75-mile beach and onto Pippies camp.

Arrive at our incredible campsite and chill after a long day or head up to Corrigin Sandblow for an amazing sunset where Pippies are the only tour group to have access.

Dinner time! Cook a BBQ together with your new Fraser Family and spend the night socialising together next to a campfire or under the covered seating area.

Day 2

Wake up early (hangovers are no excuse!) to a simple, easy breakfast of toast and cereal before getting back in the cars to head further north.

Arrive at the Champagne Pools to cleanse under awesome waves crashing over into the natural rock pools, creating the bubbly “champagne.” Then back to the cars again for a short drive to our next destination

Climb the stunning Indian Head (one of the few rocks formations on the island) to spot the amazing marine wildlife that can be seen off of Fraser Island, if luck is on our side, we can normally spot: Humpback Whales (August – October), Sharks, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, huge Rays and many schools of tropical fish. Next a drive back to Pippies camp for lunch and then onto our next location.

A short drive down the beach is the largest creek on the Eastern Beach; Eli Creek. Take a walk up the boardwalk with a rubber ring and float down these serene waters which pumps up to 4 million litres of fresh water into the sea every hour.

The second to last location of the day is a short drive from Eli Creek and Pippies camp; the Maheno shipwreck. As the sun lowers in the sky watch the rusty wreck against the sea sky and incredible coloured sands seen up the coast.

Finally, a short stop at The Pinnacles on the way back to Pippies camp. Seen from the beach this sand formation is a prime example of the coloured sands seen all up the Fraser Coast.

Arriving back at Pippies camp to take a breather after an amazing day, wash away the sand in the amazing amenities block just a short walk from our campsite…… then more food! As part of our Fraser Family we cook spaghetti bolognaise together with garlic bread followed by another night of socialising under some of the Southern Hemisphere’s most spectacular stars.


Day 3

Wake up for your last day in paradise to another quick and simple breakfast before setting off to our final location on Fraser Island.

Drive a moderate distance down the Eastern Beach to the entrance of Lake Wabby. Here we will walk for around 40-45 mins down a beautiful sand track through the bush and out onto the Hammerstone Sandblow. Located a short walk along the sand blow Lake Wabby is the deepest lake on Fraser Island so be sure to take a dip and chill next on its shores.

After our lunch on the beach, it is time to make our way back to the barge and Rainbow Beach but not before hunting for the mysterious Eugarie and learning the meaning of our name: Pippies!

Arrive back at Pippies Beachhouse in Rainbow Beach between 1pm and 4:30pm, (dependant on the tides), and chill for one last night with your new Fraser Family!


About our campsite

Our camp is located on the corner of one of the only privately-owned campsites on Fraser Island; at Cathedrals on Fraser you will find:

Luxurious flushing toilet’s and hot showers located just a short walk from the campsite at no extra cost.

Small store where you can buy extra alcohol, snacks, ice and souvenirs.

Dingo fence encircling the entire campsite for ease of mind.

The entire campsite is sheltered including cooking area, communal area and tents.  Your tents are permanently set up, so you arrive and just have to pop your gear into your designated tent.

Powered campsite for lighting, stereo and charging devices

Fire pit for your nightly campfire (subject to fire restrictions on the island)



YOU MUST ATTEND THE COMPULSARY 4PM PRE-BRIEFING THE DAY BEFORE YOUR TOUR IS BOOKED TO DEPART: bringing $10 cash bond + credit/ debit card and your driver’s licence for our paperwork to be filled out.

Drivers must be 21 years or over with a minimum of 12 months experience on an open licence.


packed in a small bag: drivers licence, change of clothes, towel, swimsuit, hat, sun cream, insect repellent, water bottle, camera and small flashlight.

BYO alcohol and snacks (no glass allowed as it will break)


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner whilst on tour (we do recommend you bring a few of your own snacks) Your meals will be prepared and cooked together as a group with your new Fraser Family.

Free pack storage at Pippies Beachhouse for your large backpacks whilst on tour (you are only able to bring a small bag with you on tour) and free storage of your small valuable items at reception before departure.

2-3-person tents with a sleeping mat already set up at the campsite.


Optional Extras

Sleeping bag and pillow hire for $10 and $3 respectively. Organise this at Pippies Beachhouse at the 4pm Briefing the day before departure, you will receive them when at the campsite on Fraser Island.

Locker can be rented for $2 per day at Pippies Beachouse for any larger valuable items.

Sunscreen, Insect repellant and water bottles are available for purchase from reception before departure.

Final Notes

Please give us a call and reconfirm your Fraser Island Booking 2 days before arriving at Pippies Beachhouse.

Please be sure to attend the mandatory safety briefing at Pippies Beachhouse, Rainbow Beach the day prior to your tour departure at 4pm SHARP.

At that briefing please make sure you bring your driver’s license (if eligible to drive), credit/debit card and $10 cash.

To drive in a Tag-Along tour on Fraser Island it is outlined by Queensland Government that you must be over the age of 21 and have held your full open license for at least one while year.